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Our goal is simple: to revolutionize trail tourism the length of Armenia.

Trails have the power to connect communities and landscapes, providing broad and lasting benefits.

That’s why we’re building Armenia’s first long-distance hiking trail, bringing new opportunities to rural communities and entrepreneurs across the country.

Already an epic thru-hike in its own right, this 861km national trail will soon connect to the Transcaucasian Trail in Georgia, with recent features in National Geographic, Forbes, and more.

And old-fashioned-style map of the Transcaucasian Trail across Armenia by Cartisan.org

Our work goes beyond the office and into the great outdoors.

We’ve surveyed thousands of kilometers of trails in search of the perfect route, mapping remote regions in unprecedented detail.

In doing so, we’ve uncovered a web of historic footpaths, weaving natural and cultural heritage sites into an unforgettable journey that brings the story of Armenia to life.

Completed sections of the trail are attracting international media attention – and with it a new market of forward-thinking, environmentally conscious visitor.

It’ll take a movement, not a project, to realise this vision.

We bring global expertise to Armenia to inspire a new generation of hikers and trail stewards.

Graduates from TCT-affiliated educational programmes now hold leading roles in trail development organisations across the country.

Combining international best practices with home-grown enthusiasm, this pioneering community of nature lovers is putting Armenia back on the map for hikers the world over.

We will realise this dream – one footstep at a time.

It’s a monumental task – but we’re blazing our way towards a better Armenia for all.

Here’s just some of what’s been achieved so far:

861kmof national border-to-border route mapped, trail-tested & published
35%of the national border-to-border trail waymarked & signposted
4brand new topographic hiking maps of Armenia published
76communities connected to the international hiking community
11specially protected areas partnered with
50cultural heritage sites made accessible to trail users

This is a nation-sized jigsaw puzzle. Can you help us piece it together?

We’re a small non-profit organisation relying on private donors to make our work possible.

Every dollar and dram enables us to continue opening and promoting new sections of Armenia’s national trail network through our rolling programme of trail surveying, infrastructure development, local community-building, and national outreach.

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